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Lidt information fra Neptune

Forum for snak om lys, skummere, pumper etc.
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Lidt information fra Neptune

Indlægaf Capoth » fre 26. jun 2020 09:24

Ecotech gør ikke deres nye produkter kompatibel med Apex, hvilket jeg forstår, efter Neptune kræver betaling for at blive Apex kompatibel. Neptune WXM-module afbrydes, da Ecotechs nye enheder ikke fungerer med det.
Du kan stadig bruge de ældre Radions (pre G5) og Vortech powerheads med din eksisterende WXM, men ikke med nyere Ecotech-enheder.
Alle nye enheder fra Ecotech vil have deres nye mobius system installeret.
Så hvis i vil have et ekstra WXM enhed til jeres ældre enheder, inden de går ud af handel, så er det med at bestille det, som backup

Puha. Min forespørgsel i Neptune og Ecotech, har godt nok skabt en debat mellem lederen af Neptune og Ecotech om hvem som dropper hvem...
Tim Marks Terrance - we appreciate the historic relationship that we have created together in this industry, but it's been apparent for a bit that Neptune is changing the direction of the company.
Like any good engineering and manufacturing company, we too have evolved our product and believe that our solution to allow fellow hobbyists a standalone control system that works directly out of the box is better for the community. We also have never closed our mind to the future of interactivity, although its not our focus at this time as we fill out our line of products.
We have offered to supply you with the RF module in perpetuity, but your user base is clearly wanting to try mobius; you can't fault them for that.
Perhaps in the future we can work together to allow both of our ecosystems to play nice, when your products incorporate a more modern means of control than wires. After all, you are claiming a fair and open mindset.

Terence Fugazzi Tim Marks It is absolutely the case that both companies have grown and expanded quite a bit over the years, cooperatively, with overlapping products most certainly coming forward year after year. That said we have continued to give our customers the most options possible to use and control gear from 3rd parties - even when there was overlap. I simply wanted to make the distinction that it is not us that moved away from ETM, it is ETM moving towards other tech, have decided (similar to the vectra) to not enable 3rd party control with it and there is no problem with that. It is what it is. We do have a way to allow others into the world of Apex control via our IoTa API method and will evolve that capability going forward. Key players like Kessil, Sicce, and others soon coming on board. As it has always been, that door is open for ETM as well.
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